About the Blackberry Inn


In 1980, award-winning architect Paul Tay, and his interior director wife Ruth, acquired the old Valentine's Lodge, a 1950s-style motel.

Faced with buildings in the shape of a rectangle, imagination was the order of the day. Ruth's favorite movie, "Support Your Local Sheriff," just happened to be on TV and light bulbs over their heads began flashing. Before you knew it, there was the Bank, on the left in the picture below, and they were off and running.

Now you can enjoy the atmosphere of an Old West Town with the feel of a Hollywood Western Movie set.

Mendocino Lodgeing - Bank

Blackberry Inn also has its own G-scale replica of the Durango & Silverton Railroad freight train.

Read more about our model railroad.




We use fresh flowers from our gardens in each room. Here is a photo of our central area and another of our incredible rhododendrons.


Restaurants We Recommend

We suggest you make your restaurant reservations before you come up for weekends, holidays and summer-even for the second night of your stay. Many restaurants are already booked by the time you arrive. Many close by 9 pm. Most require reservations and are open 7 days. Bring this guide with you. (No reflection on restaurants not included. 707 is the area code).

  • 955 Ukiah Street Restaurant 937-1955 Casual elegance, regional cuisine, Wednesday-Monday dinner only.
  • Albion River Inn 937-1919 Romantic oceanfront fine dining, dinner only.
  • Stanford Inn 937-5615 Fine vegetarian dining, Thursday-Sunday, dinner and breakfast daily (includes eggs).
  • Bay View Cafe 937-4197 Great view of the bay, casual, affordable, Drop-in only, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • MacCallum House 937-5763 Fine North Coast cuisine in a Victorian dining room, breakfast and dinner. Also, informal café and full bar.
  • Mendocino Cafe 937-2422 Pacific Rim cuisine, casual, affordable, drop-in only, lunch and dinner.
  • Moosse Cafe 937-4323 Good regional food, pleasant, modern dining room, lunch and dinner.
  • Cafe Beaujolais 937-5614 Fine French food, lunch and dinner.
  • Ledford House 937-0282 Fine food, Southern French cuisine, outstanding view, Wednesday-Sunday, dinner only.
  • Silver's at the Wharf 964-4283 in Fort Bragg, complete seafood restaurant, great harbor view, lunch and dinner.
  • Little River Inn 937-5942, Elegant, garden-view dining, breakfast and dinner.

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Or call 1-800-950-7806 for reservations. E-mail: blackber@mcn.org